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Italy line - Grapeseed

Italy line - Grapeseed Oil

Italy line - Grapeseed Oil - Gusti Italia

It is our Italy line. Very high quality at competitive price.

Grapeseed Oil 100% Italian origin, obtained from grapes entirely grown in Italy.

The taste is delicate for all kinds of culinary uses.

It is good for retail market and catering.


- 750mL

- 1L 


Among all the numerous weapons which fight the cholesterol, one of the less known is the Grape seed oil. The richness in strong antioxidants of this oil, makes it one of the most effective anti-ageing food. The most important active principles, the procyanidines, fight the free radicals (the molecules liable for body tissue ageing) and protect blood-vessels. Its most important healthy and effective function is the one against the bad cholesterol, as a matter of fact the grape seeds (used to make the grape seed oil) are a mine of polyunsaturated acid fats and they contribute to keep the arteries young and they are very effective in reducing the cholesterol.

Exibitions 2017

Exibitions 2017 - Gusti Italia

15 - 18 February 2017 Nuremberg - Booth 4/211

Exibitions 2017 - Gusti Italia

19 - 22 March 2017 London - Booth S2640/F

Exibitions 2017 - Gusti Italia

8 - 11 September 2017 Bologna